(of a tiny company)

LINEDOCK started as a post-college hardware DIY in 2016 in Belgium.

Originally called in French la “La Planche à pain” (or Breadboard in English) we wanted to build something multi-functional and flat to optimise desk space.

We liked the name LINE ® as a brand for its meaning: a shape, something made of an infinite set of points, simplicity.

As our first product was some sort of dock, we called it LINEDOCK.

What we stand for

LINE ® stands for kickass, durable, products.
This all blends into top quality stuff for all creatives and pros out there.


Yup. LINE is a proud couple-owned business. We seldomly agree on anything and spend most of our time debating of what next cool feature could be next. We’re surely workaholics but we cherish everything we build.


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there needs to be a correction in the direction mankind is taking. As individuals, we have modified our habits by skipping single use plastic, using public transport whenever possible, and eating local as much as we can. But as a tiny hardware company we have the amazing opportunity to have a much bigger impact.

Here are a few facts:

- A linedock has only 0.34% plastic

- The aluminum enclosure is 98.5% recyclable

- We use filling paper instead of styrofoam in the packaging

- We use coton gloves instead of acrylic on the production line

- The SSD is user-upgreadable.

- We use screws instead of double-sided tape (easier for repair)


Do more with less. Machines have changed and so has our working lifestyle evolved from an “at desk” to an “at work everywhere” configuration where everyone tends to pimp one’s setup to bridge the gap. Meaning... more stuff to carry around. We started LINE with one quest: erasing dongles and all the stuff that graviate around people’s desk and that are made out of plastic.


No house, no money, just avocado. We think hardware has got pretty boring for the past years. And it sucks. So we love doing things differently when we can squeeze quality and twist in everything we do. Did you know that each motherboard comes with an engraved credit to all the folks who helped on this project, perflectly rythmed on Daft Punk’s lyrics “TECHNOLOGIC?” . Well. now you do.